R U Your Worst Enemy?

Posted June 15, 2018 Written by Taylor

What could you do if everyone believed in you? If they supported you even if they didn’t full understand? Without question, you could do so much. But if they don’t… If they don’t believe in you and don’t support you, then what?
I’m convinced you can accomplish just as much if you were the only one who believes in you. What people think is possible or what they think you’re capable of should have no effect on what, in reality, you can do. It’s all up to you.
Many have said, “you are your worst critic.” I’d have to agree. In fact, I have become my own worst prosecutor, judge and jury. In short, my worst enemy. All the so called disappointments and let downs I see in me is just myself not thinking “me” is enough. Nobody tells me I’m a failure, a reject, or that I can’t do something. I tell myself those lies and if you’re anything like me you do too.
Some how, you and I have to take a step back and realize that the world needs you and it needs me and without us, it would be incomplete.
It’s important that you believe in you, that you trust in whatever good you’re trying to do. It’s important that you remember who you are and that you live for no one else. Nobody else should be at your steering wheel. Nobody else should decided whether you turn right or left. It’s you and it’s always been you.

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