You Who??

Posted March 10, 2018 Written by Taylor

I occasionally find myself searching for who I am, searching for what lies below the surface of who I allow others to see. What about you, have you ever found you?
The world eagerly strives to tell us who we are. Their voices are loud and the lights are bright. Often times we believe them. They are quick to slap a label on you, put you in a category, and make your decisions for you. Sadly, there are many who allow this to happen and accept it as “it just the way it is.”
How about you peel off the labels and let them fall to the ground, they don’t define you. Throw away what the world has to says about you and who you are, most often their wrong. If you can do that, you’ll begin to find yourself.
What does define you? Certainly not your clothes, or watch, or jewelry. Your muscular body doesn’t, your make up doesn’t, and neither does your hair. Your mental capacity, your job, your successes and strengths, your flaws and failures, all of which don’t define you. All those things are just the branches to who you are.
Pretend like everything is taken away, your wealthy, your health, your family and friends, your beauty and prestige, and you’re left nothing. You’re left with what you had when you first came into the world. There you’ll realize that you’re human. That sounds weird but when was the last time you thought about what it means to be human? To have a beating heart, a working mind, and the ability to act? To have thoughts, emotions and passions? You’ll find that at the core of who you are lies your values, values which nobody can take from you.
Your values and belief systems are what keep you up and running; they keep you going. Their the things you believe it, the things you hope in, the things that make you click and causes your worlds to turn. That is what defines you, that is the trunk of your tree. Everything else are simply branches to make your tree beautiful.

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  • Ariel Monroe says:

    I love. Nice article dear!!

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