How Many Stairs?

Posted March 31, 2018 Written by Taylor

Stairs where such a brilliant idea! Can you imagine before, when they didn’t have stairs? Is there a day when we don’t use ’em? Perhaps its a smart idea to create stairs for our personal aspirations, to get from where we are the where we want to be!
Everyone says to have high goals, to reach for the stars. They say “if you believe you can, you can.” We hear these things and get excited and determined and we can’t wait to finally live our dreams. Then Monday hits us, we hop back to reality. We don’t see much progress after a week, we don’t know exactly which direction to take, the path to our goals is far less glamorous than we anticipated. It’s difficult because there is not elevator to the stars, there are only stairs; a lot of them.
Here’s an example: I want to be a travel journalist. I want to explore all 7 continents, uncover the secrets and stories they hold and share them with the world. I want to inspire a large audience of people and be a force for good. That is my goal, my ultimate dream! Thoughts like those excite me to the point where I can’t sit still. But they also bring a great deal of stress and anxiety. Why? Because I’m so anxious to reach those goal and I want them now. Instead of thousands of stairs leading to the stars, I see it as one looming wall that is far to tall to climb.
To make it so my dream didn’t become my down fall, I decided to tie many smaller goals to it. I made a 6 month plan as well as a 1 and 2 year plan. I could go as far as making a 5 and 10 year plan (which I “plan” on doing) but for now, 2 years is far enough. This has been a great opportunity for me to lay out stairs that will lead to my dream and I feel so much more confident and peaceful about it. Not to mention, I feel a tremendous amount of satisfaction when I accomplish something I’ve planned to do, I feel that much closer to top.
We have more control over our lives then we think. If we learn to strategically plan our every step, we’ll make it to where we want to go! I hope you can lay some stairs in your life so that you can better enjoy today and still pursue your dreams!

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