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Posted March 3, 2018 Written by Taylor

I’m a plumber and most of the homes I go to aren’t very extravagant or out of the ordinary, they tend to be fairly basic. Every once in a while, I get sent to ones that are extravagant beautiful. Of course I don’t know which it’ll be by just looking at the address written on a paper, it’s only when I get there that I find out.
Yesterday, I was sent to a particularly beautiful house high on the mountain side which over looks the entire valley. I arrived just after the sun had sunk below the horizon and really all I could see was the roads being lite up with street lights. It was impressive; a nice surprise at the end of a long day.
Isn’t that how life is? We work a lot and most of it’s ordinary, but sometimes, when the time is right, life surprises us some extraordinary opportunities.
I’ve asked many people who have received much of life’s greatest blessings what I can do to receive some to. They always would mention the need for hard, determined work. This use to annoy me so much!!! I was looking for the formula for a rich and abundant life and all they would say is “work hard.” But maybe that is the formula since how there is no real way to knowing.
I suppose it’s like the addresses I would get at the beginning of each day that needed me to fix their plumbing. All I could see was ink on paper until I drove to there that ink and paper instructed me to. Most of the time, to pretty ordinary homes, but every now and then, I’ve been lead to big and beautiful ones.
In life, we have so many different choices or “doors” to take and all we can see is what kind of wood the door is made of (maybe a bit more but not much). We don’t know where the door will lead or what other doors will be available. The point is to work, to try, to get up every day and give it your best shot. One day life will bless you with an opportunity of a lifetime and you’ll be there to take it!!
Work hard, there is no satisfactory substitution.

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