Gratitude For The Past

Posted February 1, 2018 Written by Taylor

Gratitude is so attractive. It’s the ability to see your cup half full no matter how empty it may appear. And when it does appear empty, to remember when it seemed to over flow and life was better than what you had imagined. Our cups aren’t always going to be filled to the brim. It’s in those times of lacking that we find yourselves frantically trying to fill your cup back up. So much so, we forget to be grateful for where we’re at in life and how far we’ve come. After all, life is a journey; the cup is merely something that symbolizes the joy you receive in life.
It’s so easy to fall into the habit of pointing out what seems to be going wrong, especially when things are going wrong at every direction you turn. You may become bitter and angry, even critical and depressed. But do you remember the cup and how you felt when it was overflowing not too long ago? Can you see and remember all that you have learned and done and accomplished? If you can, you can be grateful with an empty cup and still have a true smile on your face. Why? Because you know it can’t be empty for long, it’s just a matter of patience.
I can remember a time in my life that was very hard for me to bear. Many nights I would find myself in tears not knowing what to do or even what to think. To me, my cup looked to be empty and so dry. With patience and the passing of time, things changed as I hoped they would. Life became bright and wonderful. For many days I would write in my journal, “If all my bad days have gotten me here, it’s been worth it 100%.” And I meant it with all my heart. In those simple moments, I wanted to drive down the mountain roads with my head out the window, shouting for joy. I couldn’t hold it in, every part of me wanted to rejoice and share this feeling of true happiness with others. Even now, I can feel a taste of what that joy was like. Though those days are gone and the sun has since set, I know it won’t be long before it comes up again.
Perhaps because my cup was full, life decided to give me a bigger cup and that’s why it feels empty. It will be filled again and this time I can hold more and it will be better than it ever has been. My heart will be light and my spirit bright soon enough. For now, I will remember how good I once felt and continue to look forward to when better times come, because they always do. The memory of your past should strengthen your hope in the future.
It will be worth it in the end, but while you endure your life’s winters, stay close to the warm fire of cherished memoires and be excited for summer. It’s just around the corner. This kind of gratitude, gratitude for the past, has saved me on many accounts from the pit of negativity where nothing good happens and I know it can save you as well.

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  • TheSeeds4Life says:

    Great post Taylor!

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