Take The Open Door

Posted January 26, 2018 Written by Taylor

Do you ever have the urge to make a plan for your life right now and try to never deviate? And if you do deviate, you will have made a horrible mistake and you’ll never be much of anything? SAME! But that’s bogus because it’s impossible to know all the many opportunities that will come your way as you traverse your journey in life.
You don’t know all the doors that will eventually open for you, in fact, you don’t even know all the doors that exist. How could you possibly have any idea where all those doors could lead you? Isn’t that a neat mystery? All you see, all you can imagine is merely a chip in iceberg of your opportunity. You can only see to the end of your nose in comparison to your entire life’s path. It’s hard to believe but it’s true and exciting! Who knows what cool adventures your heart will take you on. All you have to do is trust it and follow.
I had the opportunity to chat with the Vice President of the Marketing department for Zion Bank today. I asked him if at the beginning of his career, had he plan to be where he is now. He chuckled and said “I had no idea where I’d end up. I never planned on working in a bank of all places. I just keep taking doors as they opened.” His answer surprised me. I thought for sure he had planned everything out to have gotten where he did. His reply relieved my somewhat concerned heart.
The key is to take the doors as they open and not look back. That’s what makes life such a wonderful and surprising adventure. Who knows what’s coming next. Sure, it’s a good idea to make a fluid plan for your life and follow it. That is, follow it until an unexpected door opens for you. Then take that door, see where it leads you. Take as many doors as you can! Take the ones that excite your heart and invigorate your mind. Those are the ones that fill your life with priceless memories and could lead you to your truest dream, one far better than you could have imagined.
If you’re worried and anxious about life, about what you’re going to do and be and how you’re going to get there; stop. Let it go. Live life as it comes to you. Allow for changes. Be excited when good things come your way and differ from what you had originally planned for. Your life can change dramatically in one single moment, that all it takes. I don’t knows when those moments will come or what doors they hide behind, but I’m excited to know that they’re out there, waiting for me to find them.

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