Enjoy The Journey

Posted January 24, 2018 Written by Taylor

Perhaps the most important aspect of reaching your dreams is the journey that brings you there. Perhaps even the journey adds a priceless value to you receiving what you really want and what you really need is what comes as you fight for those dreams.
There’s a journey to every endeavor. During each of life’s many journey’s there will be obstacles and switch backs, up hills and down hills; all of which are normal and some even expected. What we can’t anticipate is when they’ll come, what they’ll be and how long they’ll last. But what does that matter? How many of you would quit your hike to the top of Aconcaugua (ah-kawng-kah-gwah), a mountain in the Andes, when you find a tree fallen over the trail? What if it’s a really big tree? What if there are two really big trees? I guarantee you’ll find a way over them. You’ll find your way around them, you’ll figure out how to keep going. You’ll make it to the top of the mountain which will be beautiful and worth the work.
Say you were drafted in to the NFL tomorrow. You were first pick in the first round and you’re no better at football than you are now. Would you be ready for the first game or even the second and third? Would you be prepared to succeed and excel? Honestly, probably not. You’d most likely be miserable because you’d feel like you don’t belong. Short cuts, as good as they may appear, can lead to devastation to what could have been wonderful.
Now imagine you’ve been playing football since a young age. You’ve put in the time, endured the tears, braved the sweat, and maybe even shed some blood. There were ups and downs, you made friends, had refs make bad calls, and even won a few championships and state titles. You’ve put in thousands of hours doing what you love and working for your dream. There have been obstacles, but you have found your way over them. Now say you get drafted tomorrow. Are you ready? Are you prepared? Of course you are because you stuck to the journey that led to your aspiration.
Hang in there, if you really want it, you’ll make it. The journey is beautiful and can be so fun  when you look up and enjoy it. It’s marvelous and it makes the destination much better. So much better, it takes your breath away when you arrive. The feelings are far better than you could’ve ever imagined and the best part is that you truly feel like you belong there; on top of the world. The pain and difficulty becomes worth it and feels long gone and forgotten. You made it. Time to start looking for your next, taller mountain to climb; I wish you well.


Acongaugua (ah-kawng-kah-gwah)


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